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Green & Healthy Maine HOMES — Spring/Summer 2015


A special pleasure to be part of the launch of this new publication from The SunriseGuide, a popular Maine-based publication. Green & Healthy Maine HOMES will be available on newsstands through the summer. I contracted to write two pieces, one a multifaceted look at Renewables in Maine and a second article about Financing and Finding a "Green" Home. Additionally, Gabe Gordon at Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes decided to purchase an full page ad, and we needed some targeted copy for this special market.


Click on the cover to the right to access the ads and articles. On page two of the pdf is the Arborwall advertisement, focusing on the sustainale aspects of the product. Page 3 of the document is the start of Finding and Financing Efficient Maine Homes. this article covers some of the rebate and finance options homeowners in Maine have to maximize their home efficiency.


Jump to pages 7-8 for the start of RePowering Maine: Renewable Energy Options for Maine Homeowners. this article covers four basic renewables: Biomass, Solar, Wind and Geothermal. Also covered in the article are sidebars on community solar programs and pairing heat pumps with solar.



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